I will be like santa and give you a 20 dollar gift mastercard but you must live in the us expires on


Here is the season to be JOLLY so I would like to play Santa and give you 20 bucks =) so instead of HO! HO! HO! you gets DOE! DOE! DOE!



Might be nice if you linked directly to the gig.


Why would you sell something worth 20 dollars for 5 dollars?

Considering the fact that you get only 4 dollars and those 4 dollars will take 15 days to come into your account, this is a net-net loss. :confused:

I may be wrong, please prove me wrong


It isn’t costing him/her $5. S/He’s found a source for $20 prepaid cards with a $6 activation fee. So it’s just him/her selling information in a good offer