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I will be so glad

Was not getting any order since have created my fiverr account…and its been up to 4months now and my work is good…pls kindly be of assistance


So you spent 4 months just sitting and waiting?
And after 4 months not having any orders you didn’t even bother to read the forum to see if you can find any suggestions? You have only 5 min read time on this forum and to be honest your question is the most Asked and the most answered here.

Business starts from dedication and If in 4 months you didn’t even try to spend a couple of hours reading the forum to help yourself then I’m not sure what else can help you


“My work is good” is not how you get business… And neither is waiting around waiting for business to come to you.

The purpose of Fiverr isn’t to give you sales without you earning the business. It’s a free market just like anywhere else. You get business because the market wants it and because they see your value.


You created your account in July 2019 and you don’t have any profile description or gigs on display!


send buyer requests, create a clean and attractive gig, try and try :slight_smile:

Please see my post above.

The OP does not have any profile description or gigs on display!

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