I will be your blog post or website article editor


Have you written a blog post or article but aren’t sure about the grammar, spelling and punctuation you’ve used? Perhaps you’ve outsourced it and want to double check that everything is as it should be before you go ahead and publish it on your blog or website?

After completing editing jobs on a freelance basis outside of Fiverr, I thought I’d bring my services onto this website, offering perfectionist skills at an affordable price.

I will edit 500 words for $5, 1000 words for $10 and 2000 words for $20. If you have larger works you wish to be edited, please send me a message and I won’t hesitate before sending you a custom quote.

Why should you trust me?

With several years of experience in blogging myself, I know how embarrassing it can be to publish a blog post and have people pointing out your errors instead of complimenting your content. I believe that everyone should have the right to get their voice out there without a poor grasp of English grammar, spelling and punctuation standing in their way.

I am also committed to offering 100% customer satisfaction every time, which means I will put all my effort into producing high-quality edits that will make it impossible for people to criticise your work based on the grammar, spelling and punctuation within your post.

So what are you waiting for?

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, be sure to visit my gig and get your order in as soon as possible!