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I will be your composer, arranger or transcriber


Do you need an original composition or an arrangement? Would you like to play a song or piece of music, but you don’t have the sheet music? I’d love to help you! I can compose/arrange music for your project. People I’ve worked with in the past say I’m good at creating musical ideas. I can transcribe music too and I’ll do so accurately as I have a well-trained musical ear. I will deliver a professionally engraved score as well. I welcome all genres of music. I’m passionate about music and enjoy working with it.

Check out my gig. My first client on Fiverr asked me to do some lead sheets for him. As you can see, he was completely satisfied with my work :slight_smile:

Looking forward to helping you with your musical needs!


Welcome to 5r! You have very nice gigs! I wish you great success! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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Thank you very much! I have only one gig though, haha (for now). I’m happy you like it. :smile: :heart: