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This Offer is ONLY for New Sellers. NOT "New Gigs"


here's the feedback I got from my first Selected seller Wheelthepeople I'm very happy for him!
and By the way, From 0 orders he went to become a LEVEL 1 SELLER NOW!!!

Ashish, yesterday you were my first customer, today, I woke up to a customer that has ordered 63 gig units!!! Thank you for believing in my service, it was the just the thing I needed to get some momentum going here!!! Regards, Wheel The People Tours!

********** SELLERS SELECTED - APRIL*********


1)Morgan_Ellis (
ORDER:#FO2289181206 - Order cancelled (SELLER WAS UNABLE TO DELIVER)

2) Rajasekharmay (
ORDER:#FO4375FD7547 - delivered by seller

3) Mossab12 (
ORDER:#FO2237F54445 - delivered by seller


  • Your account should be older than 3 weeks on Fiverr. I will check each and every account to avoid fake accounts

  • You should NOT have made any sale till now or got ANY orders in ANY of your gigs.
  • Your service should have potential and creativity

How to Apply?

If you think you're eligible to get this offer of mine, Don't hesitate to comment below and you could be my next month's seller to receive my Fiverr get started Offer. you can also send me a message on fiverr site, if you're not up to using the forums. My aim is to find talent.


Struggling to get your first sale on fiverr? DON'T get frustrated.Read on and then get to party!
hey Fellow Fiverr sellers.
its been awesome being a seller on fiverr. because I call fiverr "The biggest marketplace to showcase even the smallest talent god has given you"

I know its very tough to get your first sale on fiverr. however, once you get to your first sale, You gig will get accelerated to attract more potential buyers and I know how it feels when your GIG becomes your SOURCE OF INCOME.
That's why, I've decided to take a step forward and help you guys the best possible way.

I'm not yet a RICH man through fiverr, but i believe in thanksgiving and the phenomenon of giving back what i receive. I like to help the other buyers out there who need attention and help to kickstart their GIGS!
So, IF you're someone serious, someone interested to start making money on fiverr, someone who's ready to start your own business on fiverr, JUST LET ME KNOW your profile link or gig link.

I will pick three sellers EVERY month (I know that $15 free stuff given away, but i don't mind (try to get me some cool stuff through your gigs) (YOU HAVE TO BE CREATIVE)
So i will pick three comments from below and buy your gig from you. NOT ONLY THAT! I will leave a super awesome feedback, which will WOW the future buyers you would have.

This is just a token of love from PROFITGROUP.
looking forward to entries!!!

********** SELLERS SELECTED - MARCH*********


1)Wheel the people (
ORDER:#FO2F1A23D11 - delivered by seller

2) Speed_links (
ORDER:#FO4375FD7547 - delivered by seller

3) Face_pro (
ORDER:#FO4233CFBDC3 - delivered by seller

bump - its tuesday!

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wow! Looks like no one is interested to get their first sale, except me, who’s ready to help them :smiley:

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waiting for comments untill tomorrow. this thread is going to go down guys seriously…

Don’t you want to have your first order on fiverr?

I’m trying to get started on Fiverr. I would appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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I can provide you SMM & SEO service with cheap rate.

Just check out my Fiverr profile.

:)] My service is always fast and quick delivery, standard and accurate. :)]

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Wheel The People Tours will advertise for you on real pedicabs in Washington, DC for $5!

Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5

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I’d love to get my first sale on this fun Dancing Snail Monster Gig.

Cheers :smiley:

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Cool. i already see some cool sellers coming in!!

@anigrams: apologies… this post is for only people who’re new to Fiverr and have yet not made ANY sale till now :slight_smile:

Reply to @wheelthepeople:

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re my first seller who’s got my attention and I’ll definitely help you with your gig…

I will order your gig and post a SUPERB review after i select two more quality sellers like you! So get ready mate!!

Reply to @jess2323: apoligies… This thread is for people who’ve not yet made any sale after joining fiverr. i see that you have 2 sales…

Reply to @banglarmofij: apoligies… This thread is for people who’ve not yet made any sale after joining fiverr. i see that you already have sales…

waiting for the last two sellers, if i don’t find them I’m going to invest the full $15 in @wheelthepeople gig

Excellent! So what would you like to advertise in our Capital City? I normally have a five day minimum, but for you sir, I will honor that for the price of 3 days! If you didn’t want to ship me your ad panels, I could print out a posters for you at no additional charge? -Wheel the People

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hello, we have a couple of gigs that have been saying order me, order me!

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Reply to @wheelthepeople:

yes. I’m not expecting your delivery. I just want to make sure you get started.

This approach of mine is to help. would there be a difference from other buyers if i expected you to work for me and then pay you?

I’m giving way $15 for three sellers here… So that they could get started and start attracting potential buyers.

I’m just a catalyst. So @wheelthepeople: let’s wait… if i don’t get to see two more sellers here, I’m going to give you the full $15 and order one full gig for $15 or three different gigs of yours. (anways you choose) and not only that, i will also post a superb feedback which will WOW the other buyers who see your gig and immediately get you orders. That’s my main Goal towards helping you :slight_smile:

because most buyers stay hesitant to buy things from sellers, who’ve not yet sold something to anyone

Reply to @cornballmktg: Hi! You’re already a level one seller and i see that you already took off your journey on fiverr.

This thread is for new sellers on fiverr, who’re struggling to get their first order.

This is my sincere help to them.

and EVERY MONTH I’m going to help these new sellers. I’m afraid, you don’t need my help :slight_smile:

I think I am the one you’re waiting for. I have a gig that deliver good backlink service but for a while no buyer. Guess will give me a quantum leap.


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Reply to @speed_links:

Congratulations! Your entry has been accepted and I’ve added your name to the thread above. please wait untill i find one more seller and then I’ll make the three orders to you three sellers.

Get ready!

I’ll love to get my first sale from your kind offer.

Thank you in advance

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