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I will be your FREE marketing consultant!

Yes, you read it right. FREE! This is the first time I am promoting my gig here on Fiverr forum and thought it should be one of the unique one. This gig is created for those who are new to the business with a limited budget. You don’t need to pay anything to me to avail this service. But if you want to compensate me for an actionable suggestion, that is completely upto you :slight_smile:

My gig can be found here

Looking forward to make some new connections on Fiverr :slight_smile:

Your gig is in danger of being removed by Fiverr. According to the rules you MUST offer a service for $5. If you want to offer extras beyond that, feel free. But you must offer a service for $5. No “this gig is free”. That’s a big no-no.

And, I should point out, your gig is titled, “I will be your FREE marketing consultant for $5”. It’s not free if it costs $5.

Please be aware of the rules of Fiverr.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thanks for letting me know. I was searching for this info and already posted my question on another thread. Thank you :slight_smile: