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I will be your ghost producer

A Ghost producer is a skilled musician who composes professional music tracks accredited to another person.

You can become my long term secret client, and I will always be there behind the scenes to provide you with new fantastic sound.

I create original tracks.

I have many satisfied customers.

The time it takes to produce a new track varies from about one to three weeks,depending on the size of the track.

When you buy an absolutely original music track from me, this track becomes your property as if you composed it personally.

Each final track is of high quality and each new and original track created by me will only be sold once by me to only one customer.

Quality and professionalism is 100% guaranteed!

Contact me before placing such order!


I’m not sure I understand.

Your gig title says, "I will be your ghost producer for $5? But your gig description says “$400”. What does a Buyer get for $5?

Yes Biancha $400.How much do you think should be the price for techno minimal track.

Ask Rick Rubin how much he charged for 1 hour and then ask how much he charge for an entirely song. :slight_smile: Thank you Biancha and have a nice day.


For $5 buyers have 30 sec unique beat.


$400 bucks for a song lolexcuse me rick rubin.