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I will beta test your website and submit a critique


I can beta test your website or app and create an honest, lengthy report answer the following questions:

-Is your website accessible?
-Is your logo/name of website appropriate?
-What is the purpose of your website?
-Does my perception of your website/app match what the purpose is of your website?
-Are there broken links?
-Is it easy to use?
-Are the links leading to the right pages?
-Is your website aesthetically pleasing?
-What can be fixed or changed?


Great service. You will find much better ways of promoting it than the forum, though.


It is allowed to post a link to your gig in this category within your actual post above if you wish to do that.


Thanks for responding! What other ways are available to promote my gig? Sorry, I am new and just started using Fiverr. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks.


I didn’t know that! Thanks for the tip!