I will beta test your website or app


Hello! Are you building a new website or app? Do you want an outside opinion on what it’s like to use your website? Look no further because I’d be happy to help!

I offer beta testing. Please click the link here and feel free to message me so I can accommodate you: https://www.fiverr.com/s2/014ddbca74

I can beta test your website or app and create an honest, lengthy report answer the following questions:

-Is your website accessible?
-Is your logo/name of website appropriate?
-What is the purpose of your website?
-Does my perception of your website/app match what the purpose is of your website?
-Are there broken links?
-Is it easy to use?
-Are the links leading to the right pages?
-Is your website aesthetically pleasing?
-What can be fixed or changed?
-Does the website serve the purpose that it says it will?
-Is it confusing?