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I Will Bring Your Story To LIfe

Hello everyone!

You sat down to write a story. It was perfect in your head and you know it’s going to be a best seller. The only problem? You’ve hit a wall, and you can’t break through it. Well, all you need is a little nudge out of the door, as it were.

As an author and avid reader who as helped authors with getting their stories back on track, I’ve learned to spot the plot holes, sniff out the vanilla characters, and find the parts in a story that fall flat. As I beta read your work, I leave inline comments, so you know exactly where there are trouble spots, great lines, beautiful character moments, and so much more.

As an author with over 13yrs of storytelling experience and developmental editing, I am committed to helping you bring your baby into the world.

Come and see what package works best for you and let’s get to work! :smiley:

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