I will build an Amazon store app with your affiliateID and send you the apk


Just launched my second gig, exciting. I will build you an Android Amazon store for you or your clients and all this just for fiverr.

I will send you the apk file for $5. This is a special offer only on fiverr.

All this work will be done within 2 - 5 days!

Why should you buy this gig?

This service allows you to build an Affiliate Amazon store that you or your clients can update subscribers. Your app will have your website url and social profiles also integrated!

Exclusively On Fiverr.com! [You won’t find this service anywhere!]

We will have your app ready in this gig! In just 2 - 5days! for just 5$ !!!


Please always contact me before making your order by inbox.

You can check out my gig here: https://uk.fiverr.com/kacilla/build-an-amazon-store-app-with-your-affiliateid-and-send-you-the-apk