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I will buy a car using my earned from fiverr soon


Hi everyone,
I will buy a car using my earned from fiverr soon:blush:
So seriously Fiverr changed my life, and i wish that everyone here on fiverr achieve his dreams:relaxed:
Thank you so much Fiverr for your help


Congratulations. I just love these success stories!:slight_smile:


Congratulations. Be sure to show us the car


Glad you are making a lot of money!

Best to wait to buy the car, then announce it with a photo.


Congratulations. Hearing these stories bring me hope that I can too get started though I am waiting when. It is taking forever.
But its great to hear someone else winning. What car will you buy?


Thank you so much:relaxed:


yes of course
Thank you so much:relaxed:


yes misscrystal because i have 4 years here on fiverr
Thank you so much


i am not sure of the car that i will to buy it
but i prefer BMW or AUDI :relaxed:
Thank you so much


Congratulations , and when you buy that car you should post a gig " I will give you a ride in my new car i bought fiverr money for $5" lol


This M4 GTS:


Audi is my favorite of all cars.


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :joy::laughing:
Thank you so much


No Sir M4 GTS is very expensive :smile:
something like BMW Serie 3 :wink:


yes i like the AUDI , BMW , MERCEDES :blush:


Cograts Mate
Tip us how promote your Gigs


Congrats, but I hope you will go for an electric car and not an ICE, gotta think about the planet! :smile:


If he was able to earn that much to be able to purchase an EV, I’m sure he wouldn’t be here talking, but quite busy working…


@djgodknows prices are going down and there still is the option of buying second hand.


Great Job! We are happy for you :tada: