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I will carefully proofread your book or ebook in 24 hours

A typical sample of sentences rephrased:

  1. Original: I’ve seen the two of them.
    Revised: I’ve seen both of them.

  2. Original: Have you weighted the letter?
    Revised: Have you weighed the letter?

  3. Original: John visit her aunt every Sunday.
    Revised: John visits his aunt every Sunday.

     Do you have an important document that needs to be proofread or rewritten in a clear, engaging language to make it stand out and have a strong impression? Is it a Microsoft word file and is more than 500 words? This gig is for you!!!. 
     This is not just a basic proofreading service. Each package includes line rewriting to correct: grammar, idioms, syntax, flow, structural issues, redundancies, and so on. 
     I will use my critical analysis skills to offer a tailored feedback that enables you- as the author- to do so.
     I look forward to helping you make every word count.