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I will cast a Rune Reading for your Specific Concern for $5

I’m doing Rune Cast Readings on Fiverr! Rune Readings are one of the most ancient type of divination. More than that… runes are able to tell us more details and information that other kinds of divination doesn’t allow us to. It’s the type of divination that really sees through the core issues of the situations, gives you a view of things that are hidden and can give you warnings as well or certain occasions. It’s the best type of reading to go to - if your focus is to gain clarity in the situation you are in. It does do predictive type of events as well… but I’d say that just goes how each reading will flow - the best part here is the details it involves which gives you the insight you need to make decisions and changes for you to go the right path and know what blocks you as well.

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