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I will change the name of my gig to ''MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING''

I seriusly don’t know what else to do to make sure that buyers contact me before ordering! I’ve put it into the description and they don’t even bother reading it, so I decided to write it on the primary image of my gig, there’s literally no way you can NOT read that, it’s the first thing you see on my gig! and they still won’t message me before ordering.
I ususally don’t mind it if it’s something I can do, but now, someone just bought my gig (I make portraits, not vectors, they are pixel images) and in the requirements, they asked for a vector portrait. If you would’ve read my description, you would know that I don’t do that.
And now I don’t know what to do, I messaged the buyer saying that I can’t do vectors, but I’m afraid they’re gonna ask for cancellation. It’s so unfair because there’s literally nothing else I can do to warn people they should always message before ordering. And the only time I had to cancell an order my sales dropped completely, it was so sad for me.
If you have any advice on this, and on what can I do to not have to cancell this order, I’d love to know. Thank you.


The problem is, it’s not binding. You may want them to contact you but you can’t force them to do that because fiverr as a platform doesn’t require buyers to contact sellers prior to placing the order. So it’s your preference, not a rule. It’s unfortunate and unfair but the only solution I’ve found for myself that actually worked was raising prices.

But you may try to contact CS and describe the situation in detail because occasionally they do resolve situations like this in seller’s favor (the order gets canceled but the completion rate remains unaffected).

There is also a chance that although they’ve assumed you do vectors based on how your artworks look, they won’t have anything against having it in raster.


You’re right. I just wish that, if they don’t wanna message me first, at least they would bother reading my descriptions.
I will contac CS, and I hope they can help me solve this. Thank you!