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I will check 20 sector of your website seo,and i will give you the full result with solution for $5


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you will get 20 sector result of your website SEO report.

(1)content of your meta tags

(2)Check the contents of any h1 & h2 tags

(3)Check how many external URLs are linking to your site

(4)Check your page’s HTML size(5)Check the most common keywords & their usage

(6)Check if your site is using a favicon(7)Check if your site is serving cached pages

(8)Check if your page is correctly using HTML compression

(9)Test your site for potential URL canonicalization issues

(10)Check if your server allows access from User-agent Libwww-perl

(11)Check the average load time of your site

(12)Check if your server signature is on

(13)Check if your server allows directory browsing

(14)Check where the visitors of your site are coming from

(15)Checks if your page is using an image expires tag

(16)Check the full list of objects requested by your page.

(17)Check if your site is using nested tables

(18)Check the number of HTTP requests

(19)Check the IP address of your website.

(20)Test your site for potential IP canonicalization issues

►You will get all of this with details result. and i can give you all of the solution if you find any error in SEO result that will cost 10GIG.