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I will check your website for MOST common vulnerabilities

You have got a website, but, don’t you know how to protect it against hackers? Or was your platform hacked? Do you suspect any vulnerability on it?

Who am I?

I’m workin’ as a webmaster for 11 years. And, I get involved in the world of hacking for 8 years. (I can prove myself on Zone-h, a website that keeps hacking records all around the world) I follow almost all the current vulnerabilities on milw0rm, securityfocus, exploit-db, docstoc, etc. Also, I have published a few vulnerabilities on those platforms.

What am I doing?

Anyway, just send me your URL, and let me investigate your website. “No special access needed, just the URL!” I will present a very detailed .doc report to you.

You will not regret it!