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I will code/build your eCommerce in 12 days from scratch


Yes, that’s right. No already made solutions like the ones you find on the market these days. Get your own personalized e-commerce application today.

I will code an e-commerce solution from scratch containing 5 basic pages:

Welcome page

Category page

Cart page

Checkout page

Confirmation page

In 12 days:

Designing the application

Setting up the Development Environment

Designing the Data Model

Preparing the Page Views and Controller Servlet

Connecting the Application to the Database

Adding Entity Classes and Session Beans

Managing Sessions

Integrating Transactional Business Logic

Adding Language Support

Securing the Application

Testing and Profiling


I will send you an e-mail every step of the way to keep you updated with the process.

What is not included:

  • Product Research: I’m a programmer. I will not search the products for you. I will only build your application to hold your products. Therefore make sure you have all your products images in a file ready to be sent to me.

  • Data Entry: Make sure you have an excel file with all your products in it (name, description etc.).