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I will compose cool dance music, any genre, any style, plus more genres coming - MKG Arts


Hello guys!

This is manish30885 and here’s the link to my best seller music gig:
my Dance Music gig

Make sure to watch my official Fiverr video plus the extended 9 minute trailer exclusively for fiverr clients only… to allow me to impress you 9 times more :wink:

MKG Arts is my brand name btw :slight_smile:

Not just dance music, I can compose music of all moods and emotions, including Film scores. Currently, I have only 1 gig dedicated for dance music. In near future, I will introduce a lot more gigs for genres never seen before here on Fiverr :slight_smile:

yes, we are planning to shake things up in the music category around here :wink:

Okay, I don’t wish to make it appear as if I am someone who just cares about promoting his gig relentlessly across forums and cares least about sharing some inspiring stories and experiences to people

I have great experience working for clients here on various music projects ranging from dance music, short music intros and even Film score music. After almost an year, I am still new as I’ve been on vacation for quite a long time (9 months) after my 1st month due to some family problems. I’ve had a great head-start in my first month of business but after returning from long vacation, it seems clients have reduced considerably. (and some of my regular client’s profiles have been deleted :frowning: ) So I wish to spread the name out there about my quality gig service on music compositions :slight_smile:

I find it quite annoying to see that clients tend to gravitate mostly towards “top sellers”, while an equally talented composer’s profile sits around like a silent hill. (no pun intended) I don’t blame them for that though. They have the right to choose what they believe are the best in music category around here. I would do the same if I am in their shoes. But budding music talents have one thing that’s amazing about them which “top sellers” lack.

Can you guess what’s that?


sure, the top dogs do have these in abundance too… and that’s why they fully deserve the top place by Fiverr. I respect that :slight_smile:

But new budding musicians have an extra chip on their shoulders. They have a strong desire to prove themselves to people… and to self as well (which is more crucial… as it tests the honesty of a person)… as to how much talent, devotion and passion they have for pursuing music production. Clients should give new composers a chance. I am not just saying this about me but for any of the new talents in music category. As I said, music is a vast treasure chest. No composer can claim to know it all. Being a good music composer is being a good learner :slight_smile: Remember guys, those who are ‘top sellers’ at present, they too have to start out as level 1 sellers at some point :slight_smile: … and gradually reached the heights of success and creative satisfaction that they well deserved for their consistent hard work, talents and devotion for music.

Here’s a brief info about me,

I am a Computer Engineer by academic qualification (yeah, I am a hardcore computer geek lol) but I’ve always been passionate about music since my school days. I used to listen to a wide variety of music ranging from Indian, western, Asian and other cultures.I loved those cinematic Hollywood scores too. Genres like hip hop, EDM, rock, orchestral and ethnic were some of my favorite genres. It was only after dropping out of college that I ventured fully into music production. I firmly believe in having a great ear for music listening before you can become a talented and versatile music composer. :slight_smile: Music can be taught but the art of expressing it solely lies in the hands of a gifted individual. That’s why they say, music is an art. A student who has been in an elementary school may fail to create great drawings while a kid who’s never been to school can stun anyone with his masterpieces. That’s the power of passion I reckon. It’s so much more powerful when your passion for music is combined with knowledge and technical know-how than to just receive a traditional music theory lesson in college. After completing my college as a science student, I began pursuing music seriously as production than just a hobby. I watched several videos on music theory and so called “beat making” tutorials on YouTube but I was never satisfied of my thirst to learn deeper than just generic 4/4 beat arrangements. Then I discovered BusyWorksBeats on YouTube, probably the most talented music teacher one can find online. I watched nearly all of his videos and gained immense practical knowledge of music theory. Then I finally did the complete music theory in a day course after which I was confident enough to work for my clients.

Here’s a brief overview of my full skill-sets:


  • Can work in various DAWs (Digital workstations) like FL Studio, Pro Tools and Studio One
  • Proficient in both traditional as well as modern music theory knowledge (BusyWorksBeats)
  • Sound Design, mixing and mastering
  • Knowledge about various musical genres and styles
  • Can adapt as per client’s requirements
  • Vocal mixing with the music track
  • Excellent written communication skills with the client for mutual music business


  • Can work on video and audio simultaneously and compose music as per video content (in case
    of film score compositions)
  • Video Editing (After Effects, Premiere Pro)
  • Photo Editing & Logo Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Digital Arts creation (drawing, painting) (Corel Painter)
  • Website creation, basic design and management (WordPress)
  • Fast typing speed (54 WPM)
  • Social media marketing (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter)

yeah lol I can very well start a killer multimedia gig for video editing, digital art and website creation but I am only 1 individual and there are only 24 hours in a day unfortunately! haha :smiley: … moreover, music is where my passion exists the most <3

So, whether you are a singer, a producer yourself or a client who needs that upbeat music for commercial usage, please contact me and let me know your requirements. It will be my pleasure to work with you and offer my music 100% royalty free and commercially ready.

For those new budding musicians out there … especially so called “beat makers”, I would like to suggest you that never limit yourself into only one genre (trap, hip hop). Music production is a vast ocean of talent and passion… than mere a money making business. Don’t just make beats to earn money. Make it only if you LOVE IT and creatively inclined towards it.

thanks and best regards,
MKG Arts




wow bro nice article::clap::scream:


thank you so much for reading! :smiley: