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I will convert 20 Image to Pdf just $5 only


I will Convert 20 Image to Pdf i will take just $5 only.


You have posted your services under the wrong category. Please change it to “My Fiverr Gigs.” You may want to read this to stay out of trouble. :arrow_down_small:


Moved to correct category…


I wish I had that power. :wink: but I guess I have not been good enough to be promoted. :confused:


I can only move topics and rename them if needed, nothing else lol


In general we don’t encourage moving threads anyway unless they have zero replies so far and are very clear. It is really difficult to follow up on flags when a post is flagged as off-topic and then moved to the “right” category or if a comment is flagged for off-topic and then becomes on-topic. :slight_smile:

If a post has no replies and has been posted so recently that it’s unlikely to have a flag yet, some Regulars move them. Titles aren’t usually adjusted by regulars either since the same problems with flags can happen. So- you aren’t missing anything major. As far as promotions, the Discourse system is set up for automatic promotion unless the requirements aren’t met, but there is no such thing as “good enough.” There are tons of wonderful forum users that aren’t level 3.


I was eluding to the fact that I have more than 5 flags. :confused: My understanding is that if a Forum member has more than 5 they are not eligible for promotion. :slightly_frowning_face:


I see, that is true. I’m not sure how many flags it takes, but flags do affect eligibility. I just don’t see people as good enough or not good enough, plus level 3 really isn’t a big deal in most ways. A lot of good sellers can get level 3 because they stay too busy to read enough posts to meet the requirements. Few of the extra tools are actually utilized Since all users can create private “rooms”/threads/lounges, the level 3 forum isn’t a major thing. :slight_smile:


In what category we want to move


Honestly, Maddie,
I was being silly in my answer to Arty with the ”good enough” part at least. It would be cool to have the ability to give more :heart:️ and change categories.:wink: I enjoy my pm friends. So all is good in my world. I stopped trying to be a regular quite a while ago. I even ”waste” most of my flags in the PM’s I am in. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your forum post was in wrong category so I changed it to correct one. All is good now.