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I will convert/edit PDF to Word,Excel,Powerpoint,mp3,image,html,etc in 12hours for $5

BEST CONVERSION SERVICE ON FIVERR* Am an experienced data entry expert. 10 years experience in Ms word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf conversions to other formats and vice versa. In this gig, I will convert and edit to perfection your documents. I will convert from pdf =====>to Word, Excel, Powerpoint,HTML, images (jpeg,png, bmp,gif), mp3, thumbnail, eBook file (epub,lit,mobi,oeb,pdb,tcr). I will also convert this file types and more to pdf. Guaranteed perfection in my conversions. Order this gig and get 2 conversion service for the price of 1. Rush while it lasts. Contact me for other conversion file types.

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I have never employed any FRAGGLESROCK online. But I found that the free ones do not have so many professional functions as the paid ones. So I decided to have a try. Thanks for your sharing.

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i am not sure it is cheap or not to convert FRAGGLESROCK in 12hours for $5. Over the past, I usually search some online free pdf converter to convert pdf to image, pdf to word, excel or html.

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As i see, this talk thread list some solutions for PDF to image conversion. Besides converting PDF to png, muti-page tiff, bmp, tiff, jpeg, is any pdf converstion tool support vector image svg?

You can use absolutely free service to convert anything to anything -

Try this PDFelement, easily convert PDF documents into a word format. / Twitter

Main problem occurred when we need to transfer multiple excel sheets to pdf. It is difficlut to convert them manually because it is really time consuming process and takes lots of efforts to do this. So the better idea according to me is to using a converter tool. I have used one converter to Convert XLSX to PDF easily. It saves a lot of time of mine.

CoolUtils File Converters

Reply to @mindylynn0: I use RasterEdge, it support all function you mentioned and its pdf converter support svg files.

If you have to convert a lot of incoming PDF files on a regular basis (for example, daily reports, invoices etc) you need a tool that can make this easy and rapid.
Any online converter is not suitable for this aim due to low speed and risk of exposing confidential information.
The best solution in this case is an using of such specialized tool as ASTAR PDF converter. Please have a look at ASTAR PDF CONVERTER

Actually, WidsMob ConvertPDF ( is a powerful PDF converter with the advanced OCR tech. You can convert PDF to various formats in high quality, including Word, Excel, Image (JPG, PNG, TIFF, EMFF), HTML, Epub, TXT, and XML. Compares with online PDF converter services, there is no file size limitation. So you can convert large PDF files in batch without losing formatting too.

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