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I will convert your logo,design or anything to a high quality vector file for $5

  • Do you have a logo/design/text that only exists in printed form and need to use it in a new project?

  • Do you only have a low quality .jpg or .gif file of your artwork and you get very poor results when you print it?

  • Does the quality of your artwork get worse and worse every time you scale it up?

  • Maybe you have send your file to a print shop and they can’t use it because it doesn’t have the proper colors they need: Pantone®, cmyk, etc.

  • Maybe your logo only exist in a PowerPoint, Word, Excel, .jpg, .gif or similar file and the designer/print shop asked you for a “vector file”, “Illustrator file”, etc.

    If you identify yourself with any of these situations, then I can help you!

    I have years of experience creating high quality vector files based on low quality or printed samples.

    Send me your image/file and I will let you know ASAP if I can use it.

    If you only have a printed sample, scan the document at 300dpi or a higher resolution.

    If I take the job, I guarantee results.

    The basic gig covers a simple logo/design and the final result is delivered in an Adobe Illustrator® (.ai) or a PDF file.