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I will craft a custom 30 second loop for your song

A lot of people are making tracks these days. The competition is steep. How can someone get ahead, especially if they don’t have real world experience as a musician?

I’ll tell you how…You hire a professional like me to create custom parts for your tracks that you can chop up and use any way that you want!!!

Instead of using cheap VST software like most people are doing (which sounds incredibly thin and lifeless), I use 100% real analog and digital keyboards and bass guitar for my live recordings. Then i cut them up into loops for you?

I’ve been a professional musician playing for 27 years and have played all over the world with famous artists!

Only $15 minimum for three custom loops and I usually give more just because I’m a perfectionist.

If you create music for people and you want the absolute best sound at the absolute best price, then order my gig today!

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