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I will craft a well researched, SEO 500 word article for $5

I am not looking for $5. I want to give you the best service and the $5 is just a by-the-way thing. This is what I do for a living and I can’t stand the thought of disappointing you. I have always been a person with multiple interests and so it’s easier for me to pick your need and make it my own with incredible enthusiasm and pinpoint focus. All my articles will endeavour to:

  1. Attract readers

    By crafting punch titles and headlines, I capture the eye of whoever hovers over them. I also make sure search engines find my posts while sounding natural to keep human readers captivated.

  2. Convey a clear message

    I start by going through your website to see how I can maximize the relevance of my article to your website. I then venture into cyberspace to come up with a cohesive brew of information.

  3. Arouse the readers’ interest in the subject

    If someone reads your article and simply clicks back, you have failed, I have failed - we don’t want that. I will craft my articles to encourage readers’ interest in the subject at hand. This will make them dig deeper into your website for more, which exponentially increases your chances for sales.

  4. Have timely delivery

    When I write, I make sure I keep my word on quality while sticking to your schedule.

    The highlight of my day is the moment I get that confirmation of satisfaction from my clients. I, therefore, accommodate requests for modifications until you are satisfied.

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