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I will creat 3 online survey for $5


surveys are important.

They tell us who we often and what we believe .

Instead of messing around with pen and paper nasty emails and spreadsheets

i will create a survey monkey the world’s most popular trusted online survey tool .

Not only you send unlimited number of surveys for a few bucks a month but survey monkey is powerful enough professional research . To use for things like getting feedback for your business , events planned , or just for fun

because making good decisions is important to you order my gig for 5$ and start now your success

I will create a survey on Survey Monkey with a maximum of 10 questions. I will do the following tasks:

1- Create a free SurveyMonkey account using a given email and password

2- Add questions texts you provide to the survey from a file (e.g. word) and select their types (Multiple choice, Comment Box , Drop down , Matrix , etc)

3- Create a Web Link to send via email and past it in Facebook , Twitter, and other websites (Collect Responses section)

4- give you the account with the two survey and also show you how to analyse when you reached the minimum threshold to analyse the results.