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I will create 05 page Professional Responsive website in 48 hour for $10


What you will get by $10 ?

  1. Five page static html 5 - Css3 website
  2. One year premium hosting full FREE (every new site order)
  3. Two revision in week after order deliver
  4. Free upload to hosting server
  5. Mobile friendly responsive design

    I will give you 2 Free Reversions within 7 days of order delivery.If some reason you are unsatisfied i will refund your amount.

    There are two types of web services



    (1) Static Website

    The static site used to publish information about your company, Services or personal info on the web pages

    it contains fixed number of pages and Data (text / images) for $5 i’ll Design an eye catching Homepage it will be

    07 page website if you need more pages you can buy multiple Gigs.

    (2) Dynamic Website

    Dynamic site Allow you to manage your site easily you can update every page when needed if you are not familiar with ruining a site i’ll Guide you how to update your site it will be on wordPress platform.

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