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I will create 5 professional smart logo concepts with eps files available for $5

!!!24 H DELIVERY!!! !5 VARIATIONS,FAST DELIVERY,FREE REVISION!. Hi,we are a team of 7 designers from Romania and we are going to do 5 logo variations for your company.We have almost 10 years of experience in logo design and we can deliver the files in jpg,png and eps. The Turnaround is very fast,between 1 and 3 days,depending on the amount of orders that we have. For a regular order you will receive the jpg and png files for all the logo variations. All we need from you is the name that you want us to use,a tagline if you have one and your domain of activity ( niche ). You will also get 1 free revision for the model that you pick.Note that we never use clipart. Please note that you will have to pick a model and we are not going to use the same graphic again for other orders. 100% REFUND IF NOT SATISFIED. Order with confidence.

And a link to the gig :slight_smile: if anyone is interested

Emblem/shield bonus logo / each order :smiley: Only today ( bump )

Reply to @thefacebookgeek:

Thx buddy.

And a link to my profile :


Great, best wishes on this.

Good luck to you too :slight_smile:

From one fellow logo designer to another, I wish you the best! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! Good luck on your gig! Check the rest of the forum out too! These people are great!

Reply to @caiterz: Yes… SOME people are great :smiley:

Free eps file ( vector ) all week long :smiley:

Welcome and as we all say, good luck and great success with your gig(s)

Reply to @tn5rr2012: Good luck with yours too :smiley:

At this rate you’ll be a Level 2 in no time :slight_smile:

I"m doing my best. I’m promoting my gigs on forums from Romania and Philippines , that’s all I do ( TIP for other seller ) Maybe it helps :smiley:

Wow, nice. These are pretty awesome

Philippines, really? That’s where I’m from :slight_smile: so how much do you think are your customers coming so far from the Philippines? Just an estimate :slight_smile:

I actually talked with 2 guys from Philippines since I have my account here on fiverr,and this happened like in 7 days…so I’m assuming that 25% of my clients were from some Philippines forums. Of course… I can’t monitor that,it’s jut a guess

Reply to @rodesigners: Amazing! I thought there are very very few buyers from the Philippines since not too many have credit cards and Paypal accounts right here.

So how’s your experience with them, are they difficult? I know they can be at times haha

No so far :slight_smile: Only a few revisions. People from your country seem to be nice :smiley:

That’s good to know :slight_smile: