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I will create a 4 week professional workout plan for your Goals!


I will make you a professional Fitness/Bodybuilding workout plan that will show fast results in only 4 weeks! (As a personal trainer clients pay me 50-100$ for this)

So don’t to waste your time with incorrect workouts anymore…

I will give you the best workout plan depending your Goals.

-Gain Muscle

-Burn Bodyfat

-Add muscle mass to specific bodypart

-Make ripped abs

-and whatever you want to accomplish!!!

And i will give you the best bodypart split in the days per week you want to working out.

-3,4,5,6 or 7 days per week,whatever you want!!!

Hit this workout plan hard in every gym session and see great results fast!!!


BEAST MODE ON!!!And enjoy the results!Wish you the best!!!

I may be new on Fiverr but I’m a professional in my field.

Give me a try. I assure you, your trust in me will never be broken.

You will pay me only if you think i deserve it!!!

I will only be happy if YOU are Happy!