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I Will Create A Custom PC Build For Any Budget

Are you looking for a custom PC build ? I’m here to help you to build your: Gaming PC | Video Rendering PC | Graphics Design PC | Work and Gaming Balanced.

With this Gig - I will guide you with a list of compatible parts for your new computer build. I have no restrictions for the budget you have but more budget means more performance and quality.

I have been doing custom PC building since I got my first computer, approximately 10 years of building computers from scratch, I always liked to test various computer parts performance, investigate how they work with each other.

What you will get with this Gig:

  • List of compatible parts of your new PC
  • Build that is made especially for your needs and daily tasks you do
  • Fast and friendly communication
  • Further Tips
  • Free advice, consulting and many more

Always please contact me before placing an order! Let’s do some builds!