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I will create a fully functional website for you, starting at 5$

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Having a website can boost your business or your personal online presence.
But the problem is, if you can’t code, you’ll need to buy a website where you’ll be spending large amounts of money on a website that just doesn’t work.

I will create a website for you, starting at a price of 5$. What are you getting for your five dollars?

  • A website that suits your design style and works on mobile and desktop devices
  • 4 pages built by me and unlimited pages made by you in the admin panel
  • An admin panel with a page builder that can also edit existing content
  • The ability to ask me to make changes at a low price
  • An online shop that integrates with your site (requires extra time)

And for 5$ more, you get 6 pages by me, an online shop made without extra time (this can be purchased as an Extra on the Basic plan), and 2 revisions. Need more? An extra 5$ gives you 10 pages and 4 revisions .

Still not enough? My Gig Extras can provide you with more pages, more revisions, or faster delivery.


5$ - Basic - Simple Website

  • 4 pages from me
  • Limited design customization
  • Shop (activatable free in Admin)
  • Admin Panel

10$ - Standard - Full Website with 2 revisions

  • 6 pages (incl. product pages) from me
  • Design customization
  • Shop
  • Admin Panel

15$ - Premium - Huge Website with 4 revisions

  • 10 pages (incl. product pages) from me
  • Design customization
  • Shop
  • Admin Panel


Can I add or edit content by myself?

Yes, you can. With the Admin Panel, you can add, edit, or even remove content on your website without ever needing to contact me.

How do I get to my website's Admin Panel?

Open your browser, then type in your website’s URL followed by ‘/admin’ (no quotes). Enter the provided username and password, and then you’ll be able to access your website’s Admin Panel.

Can you make changes to my site later?

You can request changes at any time from the Admin Panel. Just click ‘Contact Cedric Kim’ in the menu or on the admin homepage.

Can you deliver faster?

For 5$ extra, I can deliver 1 day faster. This is provided as a Gig Extra.

Can I add a custom domain?

Sure! If you already have one, I can help you link it to your website. If you don’t have one, you can get a domain at

How do I enable the online shop from the Admin Panel?

You need to click the ‘Shop’ menu item. You’ll be sent to a page where you can request a shop. Don’t worry, it’s free.

Is the shop optional?

Yes, it is.

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Dude… it’s maybe good for you… but taking too low cost for creating a 4 page website only at $5… it not’s good at all for other developers out there. Won’t worth our effort :frowning: Literally it’s decreasing our proper value to our work. You should keep a standard price which is good for both seller and buyer. We spend a good time creating a website need a lot of effort. There should be a proper worth to our work. Hope you got me :slight_smile: For 4 page website you should charge 15x4=60 at least. and there should be a quality work behind it.

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I understand, but I want to try to be generous. Before I started selling on Fiverr, I was providing my services for free! I started selling my services when I realized that they would be abused, but I still feel like trying to be a bit generous.

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It’s good to be generous. But you should think of developers too. No they shouldn’t be abused. There always should be a proper worth for a work. Since you are new at fiverr you can ask for $5 per page but later that you should increase the rate to $12-$20 per page :slight_smile:

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Just curious, what’s the problem? Other developers can set their own prices, right? Even if their prices are higher, if they provide a good service, they still get sales.

So you are from Germany and can`t speak german? Right?

I can speak German a little bit, but I’m not good enough in it to have even a basic conversation.

But you are from Germany?

Yes, I am from Germany.

Several years ago, I moved to America and learned English. Now, I’m in Germany again, and I’m learning the German language (again).