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I will create a high quality slideshow video of up to 1 minute for your gig for $5


Do you want to include video in your Fiverr gig and you don’t know how to create one yourself? Let me help you with one.

Research has shown that video helps increase sales by over 220% but i am sure it is more than that.

So let me create a slideshow video of up to 1 minute and up to 8-10 panels slides for only $5.

Just do this:

provide me with the text you want to include

images you would like included.

Arrange it in order that you want them

Audio if you have one but if you don’t i will get you one

Now relax and i will get back to you with quality slideshow video that will improve your sales tremendously.

Order this gig today and enjoy tremendous sales increase of your gig.