I will create a professional audio reacting music video for 5$


Hi guys… I’m really near to achieve Level 1… :slight_smile: so I’ve just started my new gig for music producers that needs to promote their tracks in a professional way!


Audio Track (.wav or *.mp3)

*Info about the track: Track Name, Artist Name and featuring Artist Name

Cover Art (.png or *.jpg 600x600 pixels)


*You can choose between 3 custom labels: “PREVIEW!”, “BUY NOW!” or “FREE!”

*You can choose to show up to 6 social icons (Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, SoundCloud)

*You can choose a custom color!

You will get a professional HD (720p) video in *.wmv (Windows Media Video) format.

For a preview check out my gig: