I Will Create A QR Mobile Resume That Will Land You That Dream Job!


Hey everyone! My name is Nakita (remember it because we’re going to become very good friends). I am the originator of the QR Mobile Resume. I would like to create something unique that will give you a competitve advantage over other job seekers. I will create a Mobile Resume, QR Code, Reformat your current resume with your qr code, and give you a surprise bonus for only $5! I work very hard on each order. You can ask any of my past customers. :slight_smile:

Check out my gig. And feel free to inbox me anytime with your questions; I eat, sleep, & breathe Fiverr. Lol



Hi Hi Nakita :slight_smile: hug

Welcome to the forums~

I’ve collected your gigs!

Hope to see you around more, since you’re gunna be my new best friend :3

I pretty much eat and sleep fiverr too… and I dont even have that many orders O_O; lol

Cyas later :smiley: :-h


Lol. Awesome! All this time I could’ve been in the forum chatting it up. I’m glad I was introduced to this place. :slight_smile:


Hey Nakita! I am new to the forums too. Scouring it for vital information to make my gigs sell lol.

I’d love some feedback on my gigs. Anything you think I can do to make them stand out more. (Don’t worry, not going into the QR code business!)

Resume help for Finance Positions: http://fiverr.com/resume_wizard/offer-expert-advice-for-editing-your-resume-for-a-finance-position

Resume help for IT positions: http://fiverr.com/resume_wizard/offer-expert-advice-for-editing-your-resume-for-an-internet-technology-position



There are many imitators on & off Fiverr who try to copy what I do, but there is only one me. I’m the true originator of the “QR Mobile Resume”, and a simple search will prove that. Not only that, but my work, customers’ feedback, and longevity speaks for itself. I work hard to brand my company, my service, and my name. When I create something, I put my all in it, so you can order my gigs with confidence. :wink:

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