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I will Create a seamless facebook cover photo that blends with the profile picture


what is a seamless cover photo?
A seamless cover photo is a facebook banner photo that seamlessly blends with the profile picture and the combination looks like if they were a single picture.

who has used this kind of combination?
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey,Pepsi,Sprite,Levi’s,Johnnie Walker among others are some of the international brands who use this technique to make their facebook page look unique and professional(see their pages using desktop).

Nowadays common people too use this technique.(see my brother’s profile in the primary gig image).

why should you use this technique?
To make your lame Facebook page or profile look unique.
to make your page look professional.

what should you provide?
A high quality picture that best represents you or your brand.

what will you get?
A profile picture and a cover photo (both of high resolution)

so,if you are a professional in any field or you own a facebook page of your blog or something then you should order this gig to make your profile or page look outstanding and professional.