I will create a YouTube media design



The source file will be a Paint.net project file, meaning you require paint.net to make edits. Here’s a link to download the program: http://www.getpaint.net/download.html

The delivery will be made in TWO days.

There are no limits to what you want me to add in your designs but just for EXAMPLE, here are some details you can add/edit/remove in all 3 packages :

  • Your name, obviously (for logo)Social media links/other website links(for channel art)

  • Subscriber/view count(for channel art)

  • Extra details such as 3D/2D vectors(for all 3 packages)

  • Email address for business inquiries(for channel art)

  • An overall design you’ve already thought up(for all 3 packages)

provide a link to your YouTube channel and a brief and understandable
description of what you want your channel art to be like.