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I Will Create And Produce Innovative Music For You!

Hi, I am a professional musician who will create innovative music for you, in any genre and following your ideas. If you need origina music, try my service!
Thank you

Hi, I am creating a YouTube channel and trying to make it more professional, would you be able to create a 20-30 second intro song similar to the music The Game Theorist uses for his intro?

Hi, yes! I can! which of the intros? I hear there is a chiptune version and a rock version.
I could do either of the two options.

Perfect!, would you be able to do mainly rock but with a noticeable 8-bit chiptune kind of vibe?

yes! I’m able to do that!

Suggest you invite @thegamechanger0 to message you privately and you can discuss the finer details and maybe lead to an order.


message me privately so we can talk about finer details!