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I Will Create Best Blogger Web Page


halo friend i am juwel sarkar and i am a best blogger. Can you reach your Blog? Just contact me


Nice work and will contact if I need.


ok and thanks for you


Best Blogger? Are you sure about that? :joy::joy:


yes i am. Please see my profile and my blog one time


Yeah… you have 0 reviews. :joy:


because i am new fiverr worker.


So on what basis how are you claiming?


Your above post can terminate your account. It violates the policy’s of Fiverr.


thanks for your help full comment


Now listen, you are saying that you are the best Blogger. But claiming that without any proofs doesn’t make any sense. You are a new seller here. Your basic English is below basic.
Just try to get some flow here on Fiverr so you can achieve something here. Listen to the Podcasts, visit academy. Use Forum. And most important… read the legal policies of Fiverr.
Best of luck.


Copy & Pasted profile description? :heavy_check_mark:
Copy & Pasted gig description? :heavy_check_mark:
Gig description copied into wrong gig? :heavy_check_mark:

Good luck, man. By which I mean: Good luck keeping your account!

Best Facebook Fun page

Whats your problem? remove your comment. Because I don`t copy past anything on my profile, gig and others.


What’s the meaning of copy past?? :joy: Don’t you see… the problem is your lie.


can you say what i do?


So, you changed your profile. Good for you. Now, onto this:

Pro-tip: this other person doesn’t have her gig anymore.
Best pro-tip: lying will get you nowhere.