I will create films, web shows, photo album at your disposal for $5


I will make you one show pictures, photo anlbum photos or simply a wed show so that you can share with friends, or simply to save the memories of you.With commemorative photosof you, I will create for you the album video images with very nice transition effects and unique, video or flash demonstration as photo show.You believe in me, I will make you satisfied with what I do Thank you very much(VIDEO greetings)





Please stop spamming your gig.

My Fiverr Gigs section only…


Once only though, I did not mean head over there to continue your spam :frowning:


Can you do a music video?


hotwebideas:i can you:D


jeffmoses : I am advertising my gig, if my gig is spam, then I’m sorry you:(


You should only advertise your gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs section not every other one :wink: