I will create FIVE professional logos with free unlimited revisions for $5


For just $5 you will have FIVE logo concepts created by graphic design experts - in JPEG or transparent PNG (order gig extra for Photoshop)FREE UNLIMITED revisions and FREE Facebook Cover Photo design for the first 10 customers We also do logo repairs, website banners and ads and social media images - just drop us a message if you have inquiries :slight_smile:

Check out the gig here - http://fiverr.com/magisworks/create-5-logo-designs

Looking forward to doing business with you!


Good luck to you.


That’s a lot of Logo’s how long does each one take you?


Reply to @goodworker123: Thanks! :slight_smile:


Well it actually depends on how detailed the order is. It may take as short as an hour for orders requiring text only to as long as a whole day for complex illustrations. But I actually enjoy doing them! :slight_smile:


Yeah it is good if you enjoy doing them. I use to enjoy doing them, and then I had 20 orders in the queue and started to realise that they take ages to do great and the love for design is replaced with hatred.


Well sometimes I feel just that, but I just have to be thankful that there are orders :slight_smile: When I’m feeling a burned-out I just pause it but then I start to miss designing!


I like to think more now about how much my time is worth.

That’s how I tend to price new gigs. Well at least after the initial cheaper rates to get started!

I’m sure we will be seeing you with a TRS Badge in no time, with your commitment. :wink:


I hope so ::crosses fingers:: :slight_smile:


Reply to @magisworks: I would like to work with you to create logos for my some of my clients; since you also provide up to five options or designs.


Reply to @kellycole: Sure! Looking forward to working with you :slight_smile:


Good luck with your gig and it looks like you found some buyers just from this thread, good for you!


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks! That’s what I was hoping for after posting on this thread! :slight_smile:


Reply to @magisworks: I am looking for a logo for Sun Global Realty. Something simple with yellow and green and blue lettering. If you give me options I will pick just one. The ad says $5. If you can let me know.



Reply to @realtypix: Please visit our gig page to see samples and for you to have an idea what we can do :slight_smile: Thanks!