I will create for you an Amazing Social Media Networks Commercial Video for your website


I will create a social media networks intro animation great for promotional, advertising, marketing, branding and commercial material. You can use it for your website, business, service, product, event, show, presentation, corporate meetings, school work or anything else. ★★★Video you will receive will be in the following setting: ➜720p ➜33 seconds (fixed) ➜mp4 format (or your preferred format) ➜audio included (or send your own audio) ★★★Please provide the following ➜Applicable only for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Google+ plus social networks ➜Upload ready on Youtube, Facebook or your website .

Watch it an example : http://youtu.be/bniUz8Ca1Lc
My gig : http://fiverr.com/cpa2aymen/create-asocial-media-network-animation-with-audio-for-your-website


Hey there do you have resale rights of the video hive animation?


It’s mine ! im the owner of this videohive animation


Reply to @cpa2aymen: Erm… it is actually free.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the website states this:

"License: 100% royalty free license that allows you to use the template in all types of productions, for worldwide distribution, forever. There are never any licensing fees. Read our license agreement here."

Also, I never wanted to earn money. The whole point of that gig was to giveaway a Christmas greeting to my fellow members.



And what if i tell you im oko on videohive ? u still don’t trust me ?? It’s no my problem !

cpa2aymen said: And what if i tell you im oko on videohive ?

Why sell something worth $15 with customization (people on videohive sell customizations for $99+, you use it - you must be knowing that)?

Nothing personal, just curiosity








and more and more ! you think that they resale rights of all videohive animation ?

no of course ? so why you let them go ha ?? and they earn a lot of money ! and i who has’nt earn anything from this gig ! vous me faites chier !


Reply to @princemaxx: it is your gig this one


and i think you have the resale rights of the video animation no ?

or did just download it for free here



Reply to @cpa2aymen: Actually, it was a free template and I was offering it for free to everyone if you didn’t see my thread about that.

I use freeaetemplates, not a rip-off site to download paid material for free.


no he’s offering to create it not to customize ! and this template it’s not for free ! and certainly he hasn’t the resale rights for this intro ! But he download it for free and you you defend him . sorry but i just one to earn some money ! and after that i will do the right things like all the sellers ! .


Reply to @princemaxx: OK ! im sorry :frowning:


Hi guys

We are a community here and we do watch each others backs for things like this and it’s only because another member could land in hot water if they didn’t have the licence for a service they bought on Fiverr that came from a third party website like the one I mentioned earlier you will know that you got a licence certificate for that product and somewhere it will mention that its none transferable etc as part of the terms of service here all copyrights transfer to the buyer upon delivery in this case it would break several copyright statutes. I’m not a gig moderator so can’t answer on that fully you understand.

I was going to buy your gig but because of what I read above have changed my mind. @arnevb @princemaxx thanks for your diligence.