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I will create full WordPress responsive website in just 50$

Hey Friends I am expert WordPress website designing. I will create your complete website in just 50$.

Why should you hire me ?

  1. Complete website in small price.

  2. Up to 1 week of support* after the final delivery.

  3. Good communication skills and Fluent in English.

  4. Project Understanding before giving you a quote.

  5. 100% Satisfaction with Top notch Quality.

  6. Professional Designs and Responsive on all Devices.

*Support = This will be given after i deliver the work.

I can create and kind of website or even custom design : E-Commerce,Portfolio,Real Estate, Directory, Videos, Podcasts, Health, Author site, DJ/music, Business, Reviews, Blog, Resume, Automobile, Crowdfunding etc.

These are some example Websites created by me:


( Make sure 100% satisfaction, Unlimited Revisions & On time delivery )
Click Here :


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I don’t know how much control you have over these website anymore, but you might wish to fix a few issues if you use these in your portfolio.

Let’s take the first one

  • On-page SEO is incomplete (You can use SEMrush or a similar online tool to check it. I won’t list the issues here)
  • Run a performance test with Pingdom, GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights. You can use WP Rocket or a similar plugin to reduce requests to the server.
  • If they have clients from multiple locations then serve static content through CDN.
  • Check the internal links (There are some empty and demo links on the site such as )
  • Don’t use stock photos with a watermark (I assume this is your client’s fault, but you should advise them not to do it)
  • Pay attention to color combinations. For example, people can’t read the green text on a blue background. Ideally your client should provide you the logo in vector format so that you can properly resize it and it wouldn’t have those soft edges.

My goal is not to bash your website and I don’t know how much your client paid you, but if you really want to promote your services then go the extra mile and fix the basic problems listed above.
You can easily charge $300 more if you fix these simple things.

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Thanks bro I will try to pay attention on your important advise.