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I will create you an INCREDIBLE looking steam text


I am willing to make you a nice looking steam text, look at the examples. I will create up to 10letters per order. If you want more you need to order additional units of this gig. You can ask for smoke coming from the letters, or a fancy background. You can use this text to promote your business, as a logo, or anyway you want to.

You can visit my gig here:


I think that this gig has a lot of potential but noone really shows interest :frowning:


Yes it does have great potential, you need to start marketing it and telling people about it. Good luck


Reply to @needformoney: I looked at it and I suggest honoring more letter than just 10 per gig. Maybe 30 and I can see you getting more interest.

Also, make it an express gig and add a video. You’ll see more interest then, guaranteed.


I added other samples also added up to 30words. But when I try to make it 1day and go save it still writes 2days :S , also a video is coming soon for this gig ;)!