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I Will Create Your Professional Social Media Post only at $5

Please See my Gig - Social Media Post Design

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Your sample image, the one you are using to advertise your services to potential customers, contains at least three spelling and grammar errors. Why would someone trust you with their social media posts? It shows a lack of attention to detail.

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I can Design only. “spelling and grammar” is not my responsibility. If Clint wants this content what can I do? You need to compare my design, not the word.

Thanks for your Comment. english_voice

I’m genuinely trying to be helpful.

A prospective client will also look at the wording.

It’s like buying a new car with scratches and dents and saying but it still drives.

Anyway, I wish you the best.

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I got your point english_voice. But buyers need to make it clear. only he/she knows what he wants to exactly say her audience.