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I will create your retirement portfolio, with projections!

Hello Fiverr community!

I just fulfilled my first order, and I am way excited to do more! I am a lover of finance/accounting. I am finishing up my business degree and am working in a big 4 accounting firm. I have always loved to research the stock market and make financial plans, and now I want to help other people with theirs!

My gig is pretty simple, I will create you an investment portfolio. This is a combination of stocks, bonds, and other assets that you can invest in, in order to increase your wealth so you can retire on your own time line! Personally, I want to retire by 40, and although I am only 22, I am very well on track! I will create you a portfolio within the M1 Finance platform (due to simplicity, and ease of access - it is a fantastic platform!). This will be the case for any of the three packages.

However, with the standard package, I will also create you a detailed spreadsheet which will track and predict your investments growth over time, for the rest of your life. At any given time, you will be able to look and see how much wealth you will have at any given month, of any given year, for the rest of your life. And this spreadsheet is custom to you! The whole spreadsheet will update and change depending on your input in a couple different cells. You select how much you will invest initially, how much you will continue to invest each month, and how much money you want to retire. And then the entire spreadsheet will update to show your custom plan! And it will show you when you will be able to retire, and with how much money.

Then with the premium package, it will include everything mentioned before. AND the spreadsheet will include some graphs to help you visualize the growth and potential of your investments. AND I will get it to you within 1-2 days, whereas the basic and standard plans have a 3 day timeline.

This is so important! Regardless of how old or young you are, it is VERY important to invest, and to have a financial plan. Our time in life is limited, so start thinking about retirement! The sooner you retire you more time you will have to enjoy life.

Reach out to me if you have any questions!