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I will Creative design ebook cover 24 hour for $5 PREMIUM Packages

I find it extremely hard to believe the claim made in your description about having more than 15 years of experience when your preview images are the same template with a swapped cover image. It is one thing to tell buyers you have experience, it’s another to prove it. Again, the best way to attract buyers is with

Also as a new seller, you’re likely not going to get any orders for your packages above $5, and the $5 one is a bit of a stretch as there’s not really any value there. When you’re starting out on Fiverr you kind of have to low-ball your gig prices for a while until you build a positive rating, then you’ll have the experience and authority to ask for higher prices.

No one’s saying you can’t ask for $50 for an e-book cover, but when the cover is a template and uses stock photos, it’s not really worth the price tag and there are countless other offers on Fiverr that offer so much more at a much lower price.

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Hello @insanitygamesyt! I like how you criticize the work of other participants. Could you do the same about my gigs?