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I will definitely get back to you [CLOSED - Duplicate on same topic]

How many of you sellers have heard this before?
And how many buyers did get back to you at the end?
It seems that when buyer say this sentence he means only good bye.
Share your thoughts about this

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Thinking about this is a waste of time. Why should you? You’ll see an order appear if they come back. Otherwise you should have better things to do than wonder if they come back.

its almost a 50/50 for me.
What I can’t stand is the…
"If you give me a deal on this one , I have tons more work to send you!"
Those are 90% fake.

“If you give me a deal on this one , I have tons more work to send you!”

Solution: “Create a single order with ‘tons of work’ and I’ll discount it.”

As soon as they try to negotiate I send them to other sellers. I don’t take the time for discussions.
Actually I send half of the potential buyers to other sellers.

I’ve added this to my gig description, [ NO HAGGLING - Even if you offer me a role opposite Meryl Streep in the next Hollywood Blockbuster, I’m not giving you 5 videos for the price of 1.] I still got a ridiculous offer last Sunday morning!

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I heard this too. Usually they don’t really want to buy. From my experience, they even try to make you do "sample"s first.

Wow, Shannon, let me just thank you right now. Thank you for hijacking someone else’s thread. Thank you for trying (and being blocked from) spreading nonsense on the Fiverr forum. Thank you for making a useless comment. I really appreciate your comment on clonning. Perhaps you meant cloning, but I’m thinking the post was really about conning. I may thank you even more later, but I wanted to get a head start. May your karma be as it should. Bye, now!

Haha They definately mean “Never See you again”.

not really true, i got my buyers back always, its all depends on your quality work and communication with them.

Hi, I meant potential buyers, before they purchase any gig of mine. The repeated buyers are something else and I agree with you that it depends on your quality of work.

I made an offer once for a bulk order of 30 designs and then they came back and told me that he wanted one order first, but with the reduced price. This is not how it works. LOL. You want the offer, you better order the 30 products at once.

You’re right!

It’s still less awkward than the same thing happening in real life.

It’s maybe true, but the disappearing is still the same

Well that’s depend on the quality of the work and in my case its 50 / 50

People walk into a shop and say they come back after a conversation with one of the sales people and never come back. It happens billions of times every day on this planet. What’s the big deal? I never saw a sales clerk waiting like Hachiko.

It’s a code for “no thanks, bye”.

Not even that. Sometimes people come back, sometimes they don’t.
“Did you just see this guy? He blinked!” <-- it’s of the same interest.
It’s interesting to see what people wasting their energy with though.