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I will deliver 100 students to your Udemy course for $5

This gig will massively boost your courses credibility leading to more students, more sales and more income!

A person’s biggest factor when checking out a course on Udemy is the social proof. It’s proven that the more students a course has, the more students that will sign up.

If you have under 100 students, only a few people will take the risk to try out your course.

If you have over 100, this will give more customers the confidence to try it out.

For this gig I will deliver 100 students to your course. These students will be other Udemy lecturers so often you will get a lot of positive feedback as well.

You must create a 100% discount coupon for the students for this gig to work but don’t worry, I’ll also teach you how to do this!

I look forward to working with you.

To your success!