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I will deliver b2b leads for your business

Hello Everyone,
Today I’m gonna introduce you with my newly created team that’s called “b2bleadteam” .
We are providding 100% verified valid email to our clients.
so if you want to take our service, just order from fiverr.
thank you.

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A lead is someone who is on the path to make a sale. Someone isn’t a lead just because you have their email address.

A package of email addresses is not leads, plus it’s extremely unethical to sell contact information. I hope this is banned.

I always wonder, if someone has email leads that can lead to potential buyers, why don’t they use them to promote their own services??

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Yeah if people honestly think that just because you have someone’s email address that means they may buy from you, they’re not going to go very far in sales.

I would never, ever do business with someone who sends me unsolicited (and probably generic) spam and we’ve never even spoken before and I don’t even know who they are.

And I would report anyone who adds me to their email list without my express permission.

Are emails unique for each buyer or is this a resell of the same emails over and over?

I’m able to you,You can add me with your team !