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I will design 2 high quality logos with file source ! (You're allowed to participate it in 99design)


Hello everyone my name is Bil , and this is my sec gig in Fiverr , my gig is about designing outstanding logos for 5$

i give thier file source with the same price (5$ for limited time )

Patience and creativity are my 2 keys that i believe in ,

so I put all my 4 years of work and creativity in your hand

(If you’re an expert here in fiverr and you’ve seen any mistakes please mention me with my issues to correct them ! thanks )

feel free to contact me if you’ve any questions !


2 high quality logo + facebook cover (for free) Including original files source (limited time)

20h support and i keep in touch with buyer ,



Try me ! I’ll be your best choose ever , I’ve recieved many messages from people asking me why I do this , suggesting to me to participate with my logos in 99design !

Well , As i said before it’s only for limited time maybe 1 week or 2 after It’ll be more than 10$ to get the file sources , otherwise you’ll not be able to use any of my logos design in your profit pocket !