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I Will Design 3 Professional Business Card Concepts

Hello! I am a new seller on Fiverr and have just started a new gig. I am somebody who is studying media and wish to promote my skills in graphic design by selling business cards. I will give you a refun if you are not satisfied.

I am somebody who enjoys helping promote people’s brands and sharing their message across the internet by using compelling visual design.

If you are interested, here is my gig:

Thank you!


Thank you for checking my gig, would you be able to explain those flaws so I am able to make adjustments? @azeemsarfraz

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I do apologize however I am unable to fully understand your statement. From what I have gathered you would like for me to view your gig in order to see those flaws, correct? @azeemsarfraz

the best part is;

Alright, may you please link me to your gig if that’s fine? @azeemsarfraz

here’s the deal;
you will not consider as spam?

I have just looked through the rules, again. From what I have gathered, you are as it will be relevant to this topic.

So no, I will not consider this spam. @azeemsarfraz

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